MOCA Science Workshop and Project Kick-Off Meeting

29 - 31 October 2013

Arranged at NILU, Kjeller and CIENS, Oslo Research Park

Organised by Cathrine Lund Myhre, Adam Durant and Ann Mari Fjæraa - NILU


Part 1, 29-30 October:  Science Workshop (WS) with presentations and discussion of the present status and knowledge of Arctic methane and processes at the seafloor, in the ocean/atmosphere, and the climate impacts of methane. The WS aims to give a broad introduction to the relevant topics for the MOCA project, to contribute to integration and interaction across relevant fields of research. Furthermore, tools and infrastructures available and relevant for the project will be introduced.

Part 2: 30-31. October: Project Kick-Off (KO) meeting for MOCA - Methane Emissions from the Arctic OCean to the Atmosphere: Present and Future Climate Effects. The project KO meeting is arranged back-to-back with the MOCA WS and is open to all invited participants. External participation is also welcome, which would be particularly valuable on 29 - 30 October.

Participants at the October 2013 project kick-off meeting

Participant list

Amund Søvde  - Cicero

Adam Durant - NILU

Dave Lowry  – Royal Holloway Univ. UK

Andreas Stohl – NILU

Euan Nisbet – Royal Holloway Univ. UK

Ann Mari Fjæraa - NILU

Gunnar Myhre - Cicero

Cathrine Lund Myhre - NILU

Inger Solheim - Univ. of Tromsø

Ignacio Pisso - NILU

Ira Leifer - Bubbleology Research International and University of California, USA

Norbert Schmidbauer - NILU

Ivar Isaksen - Cicero

Ove Hermansen - NILU

Jean-Daniel Paris – LSCE, France

Jens Grienert – GEOMAR, Germany

Jürgen Mienert – Univ. of Tromsø

Michelle Cain - Cambridge University, UK

Stig B. Dalsøren - Cicero

Øyvind Hodnebrog - Cicero



Tuesday 29. October, location NILU


Welcome and introduction to the meeting (Cathrine Lund Myhre)

Session 1:

Methane and the climate system (Chair: Øyvind Hodnebrog - Cicero)



Presentations, ca 20 min + 5 min disc.

-        Methane in Paleoclimatic perspectives: on sudden large releases of methane in pre-historic times (Euan Nisbet, Royal Holloway University)

-        Methane in the atmosphere; direct and indirect climate effects (Gunnar Myhre, Cicero)

-        Large potential methane emission from permafrost in the Arctic (Ivar Isaksen Cicero/UiO)

Session 2:

Methane in the atmosphere: observations and understanding of sources last 30 years (Chair: Adam Durant – NILU)



Presentations, ca 20 min + 5 min disc.  

-        Methane observations in Arctic region, trends, and last atmospheric development (Cathrine Lund Myhre, NILU)

-        Development of methane emissions and atmospheric composition since 1970 -> present (Stig Dalsøren, Cicero)

-        Measurement of isotopes of methane in the Arctic - from micro to macro scale (Dave Lowry, Royal Holloway University)

Ca 14.45: Coffee, refreshments & leg stretching

Session 3

Reports from recent and ongoing campaigns, relevant tools and infrastructures ( Chair: Ignacio Pisso – NILU)

16.00 – 18.00


Presentations, ca 20 + 5 min each:

-         Applications of inverse modelling for understanding of emissions and analysis of observations (Andreas Stohl, NILU)

-         Early analysis of CH4 (and other) measurements from recent aircraft campaigns over Siberia (Jean-Daniel Paris, LSCE)

-         MAAM: overview of project and introduction to first/prelim results (Michelle Cain, Cambridge University)

-         CAGE - Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate: 2013 preliminary cruise results (Jürgen Mienert, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø)



MOCA WS dinner, Oslo

Wednesday 30. October, location: CIENS, Oslo Research Park

Session 5

Arctic Ocean, methane hydrates and emissions (Chair: Inger Solheim - UiT)


Presentations, ca 20 min + 5 min disc.


-        Methane hydrates and sea floor processes and emissions (Jürgen Mienert, UiT)

-        Hydroacoustic quantification of free-gas venting offshore Svalbard, Arctic: Changes in space and time (Jens Greinert, GEOMAR)

-         Methane release on the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (Ira Leifer, Bubbleology Research International and University of California)



MOCA Kick off meeting

All WS participants are invited



MOCA – Introduction and overview (Cathrine Lund Myhre)


Rapporteur: Ann Mari Fjæraa



Presentation of WP1: “Improved process understanding and description of the present state of the ocean and atmosphere around Svalbard” including the milestones and time line (Adam Durant)


Discussion of

-        Logistics for campaigns and aim for completion of logistical plan for 2014

-        Options for supporting measurements for the flight and ship campaigns

-        Discussions about the set up and needs for campaign forecasts

-        Access to observations, data management and distribution of data and results within project


Rapporteur: Ann Mari Fjæraa


Refreshments (fruit) + leg stretching when necessary

Ca 18.00

(Probably) Excursion and dinner at Frognerseteren and Holmenkollen Ski arena


Thursday 31. October, location NILU


Presentation of WP2 “Understanding of present and future methane release from ocean”  including the milestones and time line (Jürgen Mienert)

Discussion of

-        Specification of the needs for the model studies

-        Possible synergies and collaboration with other ongoing campaigns?

-        AOB


Rapporteur: Ann Mari Fjæraa



Presentation of WP3 “ Present and future projections of climate effects”  including the milestones and time line (Gunnar Myhre)


Discussion of

-        Specification of the needs for the model studies

-        AOB


Rapporteur: Ann Mari Fjæraa




Presentation of WP4: Management, Organization and outreach (Cathrine Lund Myhre)

-        Administrative, contractual and financial issues

-        Scientific Steering Committee

-        Communication within project

-        Outreach and the web site

-        Next meeting


Rapporteur: Ann Mari Fjæraa



Wrap up and summary (Adam Durant/Ann Mari Fjæaraa)


End of meeting


Lunch at NILU, Kjeller